WICE IoT Products

Dory Ad-hoc Radio

Communicate Freely without a Network for Safety, Security and Fun!

  • Targeting Global Opportunities & Expansion with Dory
  • 1st Target Drones (21B$ Market Size by 2021)
  • 2nd Target Brizo Platform for Fishermen, Safety & Business at Sea (6B$ India’s Annual Fish Exports, 1M+ Fishermen)
  • Click Here for detailed scenarios
  • Long Range, on-the-go, secure communication
  • Independent of GSM & other Infrastructure
  • Point to Point & Multi-Hop Communication in private groups of several hundred radios
  • License Free Operation with Maximum range and Maximum bandwidth
  • Support for Data & Voice applications
  • Tuned Internal & External Antennas
  • Software Defined Radio Operation for full control
  • Knotty portable Network Stack across multiple platforms – ARM, x86/x64, Xtensa …
  • Android / iOS / Windows Applications for Chat/Audio/Tracking/Direction/Location Mapper
  • Ready for Easy Integration in wired and wireless modes for various applications in different form factors
  • Watch the demo : Dory on YouTube

gARRA - Medical IoT

Platform for Remote HealthCare

  • Medical IoT Cloud Platform for Remote Healthcare with Events, Triggers & Analysis
  • Personal & Ambulatory Health Care
    • Automatic Wireless Data Collection from medical grade Healthcare Devices
    • ECG, BP, SpO2, HR, Blood Glucose, Cholesterol
    • Extensible to any medical device in the market
    • Safe, Secure Data to Cloud
  • Hospital Automation with Remote Diagnosis
    • Philips ICU Patient Monitors (IntelliVue) Interfaced to Cloud for all Body Vitals
    • Real-time Monitoring & Cloud Storage
  • End to End Cloud Architecture optimised for real-time data transfer for 1000s of patients
  • Video/Audio Conferencing between Patients, Doctors & Hospitals coming soon…
  • Watch gARRA demo : gARRA on YouTube
  • Watch Glucose Device Demo : gARRA Glucose Monitor on YouTube


Remote Industrial Fault Monitoring System

  • Network Sniffing & Intelligent Filtering
  • Power Quality & Status Monitoring
  • Extendable System with In-built Battery
  • GSM/LTE for Cloud Connectivity – Data & SMS
  • WiFi, BT, BLE Connectivity
  • Deployed at Govt. PSU in Hyderabad in collaboration with Rayasam Sridhar
  • Standalone & Cloud-enabled operational modes
    • Multiple protocol connectivity to Cloud/on-premise servers
    • MQTT preferred deployment
  • Remote Administration & Configuration of Device(s)
  • Adaptable for different industries – Machinery, Healthcare, Home Automation, Cell Tower Monitoring


Connected RGB LED Strip

  • Flexible Connected RGB LED Strip with Disco functionality for Home/Car/Function Halls
  • Color-Control on Mobile Phone / Tablet / PC App via WiFi and Bluetooth
    • Mood Lighting
    • Furniture & Accent Lighting
    • Aquarium and Pool Lighting
  • Multiple in-built Color change effects
  • Disco Music Mode
  • Speech Commands in Hindi, English and Kannada
  • 100+ Events with customizable light options per event – Triggers from multiple phones
  • Cascade / Synchronise Multiple Strips from single Application
  • Upgrade effects, features over-the-air
  • Watch the demo : gloWISE on YouTube


Integrated Greenhouse Management

  • RS-485/Modbus Wired Nodes
    • Temperature, Pressure, Humidity
    • Specially designed Enclosure for optimum results
    • Scalable System to support virtually unlimited additional nodes
  • Remote and Local Logging to enable Internet Monitoring
  • Control Node for Water Pumps and Fans control with feedback (most important for India)
  • Wireless Nodes also possible, but wired nodes preferred for maintainability and economics
  • Fertigation Controllers is next planned feature
  • Sustainable Farming protected from vagaries of Nature
  • Exotic Vegetable, Fruits and flowers grown in unsupported regions
  • Greenhouse installation done in Kerala, India operational since Dec 2016

logicWISE IP

Knotty : Adhoc Radio Network Stack
DPD : Digital Pre-Distortion for Power Amplifiers

Turnkey Product Development

Indian Defence Tactical SDRs
Hearable with Amazon Alexa with Voice over BLE
Sensor Hub for Smartphone for a Japanese Mobile Manufacturer

Delivered Turnkey Products

BluStor Cybergate Smart Card for US Army based on I3 WPU from Ineda Systems - BluStor Inc., USA
Remote Fault Monitoring for Industrial Systems - BHEL, Hyderabad
Industrial Robotics for Manufacturing - Raad Systems, Bangalore
Chromis Car Telematics Unit - Appface, Bangalore